The Story of Us

Hi Friendos - 

I'm Jess, the founder of Frey Frey's Snacks (but who are we kidding? We all know my 1 year old Samoyed, Freya really runs this place). 

This little adventure was inspired by our sweet pup, Freya (her Uncle James calls her Frey Frey). Our girl has struggled with a sensitive tummy since she was a small poof and treats just too many ingredients and preservatives really upset her digestion.

I somehow got into the world of dehydrating. I dehydrated everything - all sorts of veggies and fruits, and eventually meats! Freya would love them all, but especially loved the beef jerky and salmon! I found myself sharing all these freshly dehydrated snacks with Freya's friends.


Fast forward a few months and here we are now! After months of planning and testing, we decided to share Freya's favourite snacks with all her friends.


Thank you for your love and support! We wuff you.


Jess & Freya